Online Mixing  Beautiful Mixing with Mixing Engineer Josef Horhay.

High Quality Mixing with Waves Mercury Bundle. EQ’s Compressors, Reverbs and FX. 64 bit internal resolution.

How to prepare your recordings for mixing?

  1. 1.Bounce each instrument individually. Leave a one bar of silence before recording begins.

  2. 2.Note the Beats Per Minute (if applicable).

  3. 3.Copy files onto DVD, Firewire or USB drive (can be returned to you after mixing) completed).  Or You may send it online using your preferred large file transferring sites like www.transferbigfiles, etc.

For best results, keep each track clean without FX.  This includes EQs, compressors, reverbs and delays.    Note: if you tracking at home,  please avoid any eq or compression when recording to disk.  It is better to track without any processing unless you really have to. (this will guarantee better results when I mix).


Fantastic Sound & Value:

Hi-End Mixing starts from $99 (USD) per Song, up to 499 USD.

Paypal Payments accepted.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Online Mixing by Josef Horhay:

Warm and Present Musical Sound

Excellent 3D sound staging.

Great for loud Radio Release Singles

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