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The Best Digital Eq.

many people use digital eq’s for the sake of convenience. But what really counts above all else is the shape of the curves that can be created.

I love the waves eq’s best.  Especially, Linear Phase for mastering.  These eq’s are ridiculously powerful and great for staying neutral.   Mastering engineers with a proven track record believe that Waves Linear EQ isn’t the leader in digital EQs.

The best digital as of 2009 remains the Algorithmix. Red, Orange and Blue.  Unfortunately, We mac users can’t add it to our mixing studios cos it’s Windows only.  Shame really.  

To put things into perspective,  Waves Linear EQ score 95% and Algorithmix - Red of Orange would Get 99.5% in my opinion.  But in the mastering world, every minor percent counts. 

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The Best Digital Reverb.

Actually, this field is no longer ruled by one.  I use TC electronics VSS3 from the system 6000.  I was so excited to try this reverb out that I purchase a full blown Powercore Firewire interface just to access this beautiful tool.   For use of ease and potency in a mix I’d give this a 85 %. - 88%.  I guess points deducted for no being native.

Bricasti is also another new hi-end reverb that I’ve auditioned, however, being hardware, it’s not very flexible to integrate into a DAW. One day I hope to see this converted into a Plugin. 

Altiverb is fairly old school now.  A convolution reverb that samples reverb spaces from actual Halls and Studios ETC.    I purchased this in version 3 cos it was the best back then.  Those days we really liked using Altiverb.  It was very realistic for Vocals, Guitars, Drums. Today Altiverb’s 250 plate reverb has been surpassed by DVR2 by TC Electronics. 

DVR2 replicates the legendary plate reverbs of the 80’s with a stunning quality that really deserves to be heard in a mix.  Great for anything that needs to be lined with reverb.

The Quest for the Best Digital Reverbs.

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Honing your craft.

Some people are very gifted, blessed, have access to wealth, and are willing to learn learn learn.  However, what’s the secret to getting success?  IMO, I believe It’s having a little good luck and being at the right place at the right time.   The trick is to be persistent while constantly honing your craft.  One day, when your chance comes - make it count.  Peace.

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Honing your Sound.

Correct Microphone selection will be crucial to the final sound of any audio production.  Therefore, in terms of Hi-End Microphones, do not hesitate to invest in one. 

When you record using a Microphone like the Neumann M 149, you soon realise why Hi-End Microphones cost so much more.  You have to hear it in person to believe it. And once you’ve experience the magic of a truly awesome vocal mic, there’s no going back.  We are very pleased with our Neumann M149 and will continue to spread the word about this wonderful Tube Microphone. Peace.

Microphones are Important