Tip 1:  All good music are created from real musicians not MIDI mouse clicks. ie.  Much time and effort must go into mastering the art of playing an instrument. Without great musicians we can’t create great recordings.

Tip 2:  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Most engineers take up to 10 years of real mixing/recording experience before they get really good.  For producers, it’s a never ending journey to keep improving expect 10 or more years of hard work before your really hear the “rewards”.

Tip 3:  Great music is not deliberately willed into being.  It flows from within and does not beckon to our will.  An artist does not control when and where good music is created.   Thus, great musical works are a blessing and not to be considered as necessity for artistic happiness.



Began Playing Ac Guitar.

Jan 1992

Started Acoustic recordings.

Jul 2000

Sep 2008

Launched Acoostic ZOO. (studio for acoustic artist)

Favorite songs

  1. 1.Free, Steve Curtis Chapman.

Favourite Audio Sites